Eight home remedies for an allergic cough

A common problem is visible nowadays is a cough due to allergies. It can occur in any stage of life irrespective of an individual’s age. Due to atmospheric pollutants, pollen and some edible items, allergic cough occurs. When the allergens get into your body it starts affecting the throat, larynx and lungs.  The allergies result into inflammation and cause a cough. Whether it is a wet cough or an allergic cough, here are some home remedies to recover. You can get more info about dental problems at Lynnwood Dental Clinic


Basil is also called tulsi which has high antioxidants to control the allergies of a cough in the body.  Mix few basil leaves with one tbsp of ginger paste and blends it in a mixer. Now extract the juice and mix one tbsp honey into the paste. Take one tbsp of the mixture thrice a day to get relief.


Ashwagandha as a herb is known for its strong immune properties. It strengthens the immune system and makes the body stronger to adapt stress. Since Ayurvedic age, this herb is used in medicines to overcome an allergic cough. For an individual user, you can take Ashwagandha root powder and churn for cough relief.


Ginger is very good in getting relief from a cough and cold in adults. Just take slices of one-inch ginger and boil it in fresh water for 5 minutes. Drink the hot ginger tea twice or thrice in a day, and you will find relief from a cough, sore throat and even healing in asthma patients.